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Why Choose LMSninjas For LMS Customization & Configuration?


LMSninjas was born out of the need for a specialized LMS team that has zero learning curve and can provide the optimal solutions for your LMS websites. We have since copied over the same model to several other plugins, including LearnDash, LifterLMS, BadgeOS and more.
Our resident experts, who we call Ninjas, take one plugin at a time with a laser-focused approach, whether it is simply configuration or creating a new addon from scratch, we guarantee the fastest turn around time.
We are now also leveraging our rock-solid support process to offer support for other plugins and have created a few products of our own as well.

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Moodle is a free online Learning Management System. It enables teachers to make their own private website filled with dynamic courses. The product provides a complete set of learner-centric functionalities and collaborative learning environments that stimulate both teaching and learning.


TalentLMS is a highly configurable cloud-hosted LMS that makes effective use of your time and maximizes the training output. It can be used to facilitate online seminars, courses, and other training programs. Built for businesses of all sizes.


LifterLMS is one of the powerful LMS plugins available within WordPress. It offers easy to create, sell, and protect engaging online courses. The mission of LifterLMS is to democratize education in the digital classroom.


Docebo is an artificial intelligence powered Learning Platform that is changing the way people learn in the workplace. Docebo has clients in over 80 countries worldwide and is available in over 40 languages, making it a perfect AI learning platform for enterprise companies around the world.



LearnDash is the most popular Learning Management System for WordPress. You can now easily create & sell courses, deliver quizzes, award certificates, manage users, download reports, and so much more. Talk to us about your needs and let us tell if you LearnDash is a good fit for your online learning website.


Canvas LMS is a well-known online learning system. It’s a system that provides a customizable architecture and design which helps users to educate or learn the way they want to. Communication between teacher and learner is highlighted, making it effortless for both parties to effortlessly participate together on the learning process.

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