We build online learning and membership sites for enterprises, small businesses, and startups

We build online learning and membership sites for enterprises, small businesses, and startups

300+ projects completed in the last 6 years.
Over 95% project success rate and 65% repeat clients.
1500+ happy customers using our add-ons and extensions.

Who we are

LMSninjas is a development agency specializing in professional custom development and consultation services for online learning and membership websites. Over the years and after completing hundreds of projects, ranging from full site builds to small customizations, we have designed a fail-proof process to deliver the most efficient solutions for your online learning business.

What we do

Scoping And Planning

Efficient planning allows us to save you time, optimize the use of your resources and set your website on the track to success. We leverage our 10+ years of experience to scope out your project which includes choosing the best platform, theme, plugin stack and other tools to implement on your site as well as estimating the costs involved.


Designing your LMS site can be a daunting task specially if you are starting from scratch. A good-looking LMS site is the gateway to immediate engagement with your audience and ensuring your site’s interface is on point, builds the path to sustained credibility and adoption.


Coding and development is our core area of expertise. We don't always recommend writing custom code when you can use a 3rd party tool or a plugin, but when we do, we do it following all the coding standards to ensure smooth functionality and minimum maintenance.

Hosting and managing

We've managed some of the most complex high traffic websites with hundreds if not thousands of concurrent users. Most LMS platforms are resource intensive and no matter the number of users you will experience technical problems once you start placing demands on it.

Case studies


Onomy is an early stage start-up that provides college students free practical educational resources on the life-skills that are not being taught in schools. Onomy’s founders were looking for a team of LMS experts with an extensive web-design portfolio to build and launch the first version of their gamified elearning product in a quick time-frame.


CareerXRoads is a community that gathers talent professionals and their entire teams of large enterprise organizations from all around the world. During the COVID-19 pandemic CXR team decided to increase engagement on their website by implementing a gamification system.

Powers Resource Center

Over the past 20 years the PRC team has coached and trained thousands of executives and managers, internal trainers, emerging leaders, and teams. Tara, the founder of the company, reached out to LMSNinjas to help her build an e-learning portal with best value possible for her clients.

Flash Technologies

Flash Technology offers obstruction and airfield lighting systems with a wide range of applications. As a part of their services, they also provide training for the use and application of their products through their “Flash University”.


NetCBT is an e-learning company that provides certified continuing education (CE) credentials for project managers and accountants. Since the launch of their websites, NetCBT has worked with tens of thousands of customers across the United States and boasts an impressive 99% returning customer rate.


Products we work with

Who we work with

Our clients range from individual solopreneurs to small businesses and large enterprises.


We work with large corporations, enterprises and organizations, including universities, corporate training companies and continuing education providers, to build and improve their online education and membership platforms.

Small businesses

Looking for a reliable and experienced team to take your online business venture to the next level? We help motivated entrepreneurs succeed online by providing them practical solutions, expert advice and custom development for their businesses.


If you’re venturing into the
e-learning or online membership industry on your own, LMSNinjas will join your one-man team and provide you the expertise and development power you need to succeed.

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What stage are you at?


I need a site built from scratch

If you are looking to build an online learning or membership site from scratch, LMSNinjas is the go-to team for the job. We know just what it takes to get an online learning site off the ground.


I need a team to take over my project

Do you already have a site, but need help running the show? Whether you need to increase functionality, customize your user flow or need someone to take over the entire project, we have your back.


I need one time assistance for a specific task

Is your website set up and running smoothly, but you need help fixing a specific issue or implementing improvements? Our developers will customize and configure a solution for you in no time!


Sam Rowen

From an impact standpoint, we went from 0 to 1 to some degree. We had nothing when we first started and now we have a full product that we are proud to put in front of users and investors. We got new users and saw a 25% improvement over the days following the launch. Plus, the team also came 20% under budget which is huge!

Shannon Pritchett
We were looking for a partner that was familiar with WordPress, that understood our community, what our company does and the technology involved in our platform and LMSNinjas was definitely the right choice. I love how excited they were about our project, and how much their suggestions helped us improve our gamification campaign.