Expert Learning Management Systems and Gamification Services Professionally Delivered by a Team of Experts

We have worked with different LMS platforms as a team for over four years, on projects small and large. During this time, our team has had the opportunity to develop our own interesting and useful add-ons, plugins and integrations across platforms. We deeply understand Learning Management Systems and know what it takes to get an online learning site off the ground. So whether you’re selling stand-alone courses or membership packages, or you want to implement virtual classroom experiences or adaptive learning techniques and quizzes, our Ninjas can help.

Further, we specialize in the implementation of gamification techniques to online learning and have both mastered, and created, several products that achieve this. Awarding badges or points to users encourages engagement and allows creative systems to allow users to win tangible rewards, which in turn encourages yet further engagement and enthusiasm for the learning process. Talk to a Ninja today to see how we can help.


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