Custom Course Sales Page in LifterLMS

Custom Course Sales Page in LifterLMS

Building an online course takes a lot of time and effort, and so does acquiring new students. Just because you’ve created an online course doesn’t mean that people will sign up for it – you need to promote it in clear and compelling language, in a way that makes sense to prospective learners so they’ll purchase access. As a course creator, you may feel that your strength is in teaching, not selling. As such, a sales page for your course is an excellent way to convert prospective students into active learners. Before you can educate students through a course, you have to educate them as per why they’d want to take it at all. Let’s have a look at how.

What Is a Course Sales Page?

The goal of a course sales page is to turn your visitors into buyers by persuading them to enroll. Normally a course sales page is comprised of the course description and marketing copy. To create an outstanding sales page that will optimally convert into sales, structure, and content are equally important. To make your course sales page effective, you should add elements such as a compelling heading to capture visitors attention, an opening story to introduce the problem, bullets to highlight benefits of the solution, an offer to introduce your course, FAQs, clear pricing details, testimonials, images, videos, etc. LifterLMS provides you two options for your course description

  • The un-enrolled view, this is a sales page with your custom content for non-members or visitors of your site.
  • The enrolled view, your course home screen with its default content like syllabus, progress bar, etc.

How to Create Course Sales Page in LifterLMS

Creating a course sales page in LifterLMS is an easy task, we will guide you how you can create a Custom Course Sales Page in LifterLMS. The custom sales page can be any page on the internet or on your site. LifterLMS provides the following four options for the course sales page:

  1. A Default sales page
  2. Show custom content
  3. Redirect to a WordPress page
  4. Redirect to custom URL

Default Sales Page

If you don’t have a custom course sales page LifterLMS provides Default Sales Page option for you. Default sales page will show default course content like course description, course syllabus, progress bar, etc. To display default course content for your sales page, follow these simple steps

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard
  • Navigate to Courses
  • Select a Course
  • Scroll down to Course Options
  • Under Course Options Select Sales Page
  • Under Sales Page Content, click on the dropdown menu
  • Select Display default course content to display your default course content like course description, progress, etc.

Show Custom Content

To set a custom sales page for your course in LifterLMS with custom content, select the Show Custom Content option in the dropdown menu.


After selecting “Show Custom Content,” a new dialog box “Sales Page Custom Content” will appear under the Sales Page Content option. Now you can simply create your custom course sales page by adding your custom content.

Redirect to WordPress Page

You can use any page builder of your choice to create your custom sales page. Design a beautiful course sales page and simply select the “Redirect to WordPress Page” option in the dropdown menu.


After selecting that option, another option “Select a Page” will appear under it. Click on that option and select your course sales page.By adding a members-only access plan to each course included in a given membership, you will allow a user to browse and discover specific courses included in membership they can purchase.

Restrict Pages and Blog Posts

LifterLMS allows you to restrict page and posts to users with certain memberships. You can easily do this while creating a post or page, via the meta box settings available on the right side.

Redirect to Custom URL

You may have your training or LMS on any other URL or a subdomain and so want to redirect your visitors to that URL. You can do that by simply selecting the “Redirect to custom URL” option in the dropdown menu.


After selecting that option a new option “Sales Page Redirect URL” will appear. Enter your sales page URL here to redirect your users to your course sales page.


Remember that the course sales page will be only shown to those students and visitors who are non-enrolled in that course. The paid/enrolled one will see the default course content. You can also use custom sales page feature for memberships.

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LifterLMS Support for Form Designer Plugins

LifterLMS Support for Form Designer Plugins

In this article, we review the powerful integration of Form Plugins with LifterLMS. Integrating WordPress form technology into WordPress LMS can be a striking combination. LifterLMS form addons integrate with these third-party tools:

  1. Ninja Forms
  2. Formidable Forms
  3. Gravity Forms
  4. WP Forms

Integrating forms into a learning-based membership site or online course can be used for multiple tasks, including:

  • Collecting uploads and diverse information from students
  • Advanced forms that allow you to require the user to complete a form of submission in order to finish a lesson
  • In-person and online event registrations
  • Surveys
  • Testimonials

Here are some further ideas as per how to make use of forms with LifterLMS:

Require a Form of Submission to Complete a Lesson

These four LifterLMS form integrations allow you to create a form submission (optional or required) to mark a lesson complete. Here are some creative ways to integrate forms into your programs:

  • Collect diagnostic data points from the start of the course
  • Allow users to register for events
  • Create surveys to check the needs of your students base
  • Collect learner data to develop effective mastermind or accountability groups within your learning community
  • Create liability and waiver forms
  • Collect testimonials

When a user submits a form within a lesson, you can see the form submission in the admin area of WordPress or in the reporting area for individual students. This helps to make work with a large number of students is manageable. Forms can also be sent on a per-form basis through email.

Custom User Registration Forms

Using a form for registration purposes is a premium feature of all the mentioned forms plugins. So in order to use this feature, you have to buy a premium version of the plugin you choose to use. 

Forms may also be included to LifterLMS quizzes, assignments and lessons.

With LifterLMS add-ons you create user registration forms easily. LifterLMS offers these fields out of the box:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone
  • Password
  • Phone

However, if you want more information from a user while they create a new account on your LMS site, you can create custom user registration form using these addons. 

Using the powerful LifterLMS forms addon in your LMS site opens a new door of options. It allows you to collect a wide variety of valuable information and create a custom form with custom options of your choosing.

Are you using this addon? We would love to know how you’re utilizing forms in your LifterLMS site! Let us know in the comments or on social media. Find us on Twitter. Thanks for reading.