This is how we helped CXR boost site and forum engagement with a gamification system

Project Overview


Help develop and configure a gamification system for the CareerXRoads online community


3 months (ongoing)


We started the project with our usual team setting which comprises of a dedicated project manager, a UI/UX designer and a developer


Fully-implemented gamification system


CareerXRoads is a community that gathers talent professionals and their entire teams of large enterprise organizations from all around the world, helping them collaborate, problem-solve and network. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when online communication became increasingly important, the CXR team decided to take action to increase engagement on their website and forums.

After deciding to implement a gamification system to reach their goals, Shannon reached out to LMSNinjas to get the job done. “We were looking for a partner that was familiar with WordPress, that understood our community, what our company does and the technology involved in our platform”, Shannon says.




Discovery Phase

Shannon worked together with our Project Manager Iryna on the design of the gamification campaign. While Shannon was sharing her ideas on how she sees the gamification activities,

Iryna was helping her adjust it to WordPress and BadgeOS features making sure she takes the most out of the functionalities available and that user experience is simple and easy to navigate.

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Ranks / Levels

Using BadgeOS as a plugin for the gamification system, our team installed, configured and customized the gamification system consisting of badges, ranks, points and a leaderboard. Site members can collect points and progress through the levels by participating in on-site activities, such as:

Another custom feature we added is a possibility for users to see how many points they need to get to achieve to get to the next level, and if the badge is already achieved, you will see a date when it was achieved – similar to how Apple Watch activity badges work.

“As the project advanced, we decided to keep building and adding on the initial project idea. We appreciated the flexibility provided to us by LMSNinjas which allowed us to further develop our gamification platform.”

Shannon Pritchett

Badges / Coins

Members of the community receive a CXR coin once they attend a live event, or an online event. These coins are awarded in bulk to more than 100 users at a time and we had to design a


feature that would allow doing so without relying on the usernames (default feature),
we added an option to award users using their email address.


BadgeOS leaderboard add-on is a great solution to show users how they rank in comparison to other community members.
However, since CXR has a lot of custom


elements, we needed to customize the leaderboard to reflect all elements of our gamification campaign, here is what we designed and implemented:


Since we turned the gamification features on in our website and users have started earning points we have visually seen an increase in the amount of topics that are being created and the amount of people that are posting and answering questions, which was the whole goal,


since we are a community that centers on collaboration and helping each other. The more posts, answers and solutions we are seeing, the more we can tell that we are helping our members solve problems, which is what it’s all about.


Shannon Pritchett

We were looking for a partner that was familiar with WordPress, that understood our community, what our company does and the technology involved in our platform and LMSNinjas was definitely the right choice. I love how excited they were about our project, and how much their suggestions helped us improve our gamification campaign.

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