Here’s how we developed an elearning site for an online and classroom-based training program with an international reach.


Flash Technology offers obstruction and airfield lighting systems with a wide range of applications. As a part of their services, they also provide training for the use and application of their products through their “Flash University”.

In an effort to adapt their aids to navigation training to today’s digital environment, Flash University reached out to LMSNinjas to develop their e-learning site, allowing them to sell and deliver both hands-on and virtual training programs, with virtual certifications.

Project Overview


Develop an e-learning website for a multinational navigation technology training academy, delivering professional certifications.


A multinational elearning platform that supports professional education for both online and offline training programs.




1 Project Manager, 1 Front-End Developer,
1 Back-End Developer, 1 UI/UX Designer




Discovery Phase

Flash Technology’s team worked with our Project Manager to create an elearning site for the operation of their airfield and navigation lighting products. Together they came up with a system to educate students across different locations, partaking in hands-on and online training programs within one single platform.

Flash University’s platform would need to meet a unique set of needs, such as awarding certificates on aviation and marine technologies at a professional level.

Since training programs are provided to groups, as well as individual learners, their LMS also needed to support manual bulk user inputs and group payments

Having an international reach, Flash University needed a site that was not only well equipped with a variety of LMS features, but that could also adapt to a multinational pool of learners.



Utilising the BuddyBoss theme, LearnDash and custom development, we were able to create an elearning site that meets all of Flash University’s key requirements.

Learning Management System

We expanded on LearnDash’s default ecommerce capabilities to implement bulk payments, allowing group admins to pay for the training of their employee groups. During the group checkout process, admin user roles can select which employees they are paying for, giving them access to the necessary training program.

Custom Certificates

Flash University’s training programs certify learners on their knowledge for operating their airfield and obstruction lighting products. Certifications are not only required, but must be renewed periodically by those operating these technologies. For this reason, being able to officially validate course completion and keep track of certificate expiration was a key requirement.

Through custom development, our team created certificates that feature key data such as a unique course ID, course completion data and student ID number. Additionally, we set up an email notification system for certificates, alerting students about when their certification renewals are required.

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