Why LMS and eCommerce Integration Is Important

The rapid development in technology (smartphones, laptops, wireless internet, and cloud computing) has made the world hyperconnected. With advancement, these technologies are becoming more affordable. With the increased connectivity, we are doing almost everything on the internet. Naturally eLearning has also become very popular in recent years. What isn’t to like about the ability to share knowledge online with the world, and to be a lifelong learner online?

Setting up an LMS (Learning Management System) online is relatively simple, but keeping it afloat is quite difficult. That’s where LMS eCommerce integration is useful.

LMS and eCommerce integration not only enhances your users’ experience but also helps you increase course sales, as with this integration users don’t have to switch between multiple platforms and can checkout through a single platform. LMS and eCommerce integration also provides valuable information that lets you gauge the effectiveness of your courses. You can get insights such as which courses are the most and least profitable, which in turn can help you to improve your courses and increase revenue.

Our LifterLMS EDD integration is a striking combination of two popular plugins: LifterLMS and Easy Digital Downloads. It integrates the eCommerce and LMS worlds. This add-on allows users to enroll in LifterLMS courses and memberships on a purchase of EDD. Users can be enrolled in multiple courses with the purchase of a single download.

Integration Methods

This LifterLMS EDD addon provides awesome features for both courses and memberships. To integrate your LifterLMS with EDD, follow these simple steps:

After activating integration add-on, don’t forget to put the license key and activate it. To place the license key:

  • Go to LifterLMS > LifterLMS EDD.
  • Add your license key, and click on the Activate button.

Now the next step is to enable this integration.

  • Go to LifterLMS Settings > Integrations > Easy Digital Downloads
  • Check the enable option to enable LifterLMS EDD integration. 

Now you’re ready to sell your courses and memberships with this integration add-on. You can easily do that with the following, simple method.

Selling Memberships

To sell your memberships, enable the Membership Subscription option. Your users will be automatically enrolled into membership when they purchase EDD download. 

Create EDD download and select the membership from the dropdown. The user will be auto-enrolled in the membership when this EDD download is purchased.

Selling Courses

This integration allows users to enroll in single or multiple courses on a purchase of single EDD download. The method is the same as membership selling method. In downloads settings, there will be course options meta box.

Select the course from the dropdown so the user will be auto-enrolled in the course when this EDD download is purchased.

What to Use at Checkout

LIfterLMS supports manual payment gateway by default and doesn’t include a basic payment gateway, such as PayPal. To use other payment methods you need to buy their addons. However, EDD provides PayPal standard payment gateway by default.

If you are using LifterLMS and EDD on your website. Both LifterLMS and EDD will have separate checkouts. This is very frustrating and confusing for customers, as they can’t add both courses and products to a single cart.

This is where our LifterLMS EDD Integration add-on is useful. By enabling this addon, you will have a single checkout process for your downloads and courses. You can use the EDD default payment gateway, which utilizes PayPal standard to purchase the course or membership.

To give you a better understanding, we have listed a few reasons you might want to use LifterLMS EDD addon.

Integrating your LMS site with an eCommerce platform will boost your sales, and will provide an improved experience to your users. The bottom line: our LifterLMS EDD Integration addon has made LMS eCommerce integration much simpler and easier, and we hope you’ll try it.

We’d love to hear if you found this article useful. Please comment below with your thoughts so we can continue to create helpful posts. If you need any assistance with the LifterLMS EDD Integration add-on, don’t hesitate to drop us a line here or through our contact form and a ninja will be in touch ASAP. Thanks for reading.