How To Teach Yoga Online With LifterLMS

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Would you like to grow your income and sense of freedom? It might sound too good to be true, but becoming an online teacher can allow you to do both. As a yoga instructor, your earnings are heavily constricted by the number of clients you can take on a daily basis. Online courses, on the other hand, allow you to instruct an infinite amount of yoga students every day. Starting your own online yoga learning website might seem challenging but tools such as LifterLMS allow you to build and manage your course efficiently.

Start  Teaching Yoga Online With Lifter LMS

Define Your Audience

Before you start designing your online learning website and course content you first have to define what and who you want to teach. Yoga has a large following worldwide and you have to determine what segment of that audience you want to tailor your course to. You can create a yoga course tailored to beginners, intermediate or advanced levels or target specific age groups. Offering a course that suits the needs of a specific niche will help you stand out among the competition.

Create Content 

Once you have defined who your ideal course audience is, you can create educational content that targets that specific group of people. This can include all kinds of media. Video yoga classes are a major component of most online yoga courses. You can also create written guides that include illustrative drawings or images. Finally, live streaming yoga lessons is also essential to interact one on one with your new students.

Organize Content 

Part of preparing your course content involves organizing it in a way that is most useful to your students. For better results, you can organize your video or text lessons by order of difficulty. You can create separate courses for different yoga types or for different levels of difficulty. Another alternative is to create class series, separate classes by time length or themes.

Use LifterLMS to Display and Manage Your Content and Users

Use the Astra theme with the Yoga Site Template:

Astra is a functional WordPress theme that offers Yoga Site templates to help you attractively display your LifterLMS yoga course.You can easily set up these theme by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to Appearance > Themes from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click Add New.
  • Search Astra in the search box.
  • Hover on the Astra box and click Install.
  • Click Activate once the theme is installed.
  • Navigate to Plugins Add New.
  • Search Astra Starter Sites.
  • Click Install Now.
  • Click Activate once the plugin is installed.

Follow these steps to import the Yoga Instructor template:

  • Navigate to Appearance Astra Starter Sites.
  • Select the Page Builder. (Elementor recommended)
  • Search Yoga.
  • Select the template Yoga.
  • Click Import Site.

Create LifterLMS Courses:

To add your instructional yoga content to your website and make it accessible to your students, you will first have to create your own courses. Courses will help you organize your e-learning content and help your students find it with ease To create a course please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the WP Dashboard > LifterLMS > Add Course. 
  • You can then add/edit its title, description, and edit the settings
  • Publish/Update the post.

Create LifterLMS Lessons:

Once you have set up your courses you can move forward to create your yoga lessons within each of your courses.To create a lesson please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the WP Dashboard > LifterLMS > Course > Lesson > Add Lesson. 
  • You can then add/edit its title, description, and edit the settings.
  • Publish/Update the post.

Embed the Instructional Yoga Instructional Videos in the LifterLMS Lessons:

Most yoga lessons include content in video format. Instructional videos are some of the most beneficial tools for yogi istudents. With LMS adding To embed the instructional videos in the to your lessons can be done in 4 simple steps. please follow these steps:

 Navigate to the WP Dashboard > LifterLMS > Course > Lesson > Lesson Edit page. 

  • Navigate to the WP Dashboard > LifterLMS > Course > Lesson > Lesson Edit page. 
  • Scroll down to the Lesson Settings.
  • Enter the video URL in the Video Embed Url field. For a full list of supported providers please see the WordPress oEmbeds.
  • Publish/Update the post.

Add Live Virtual Meetings (Live Streaming).

Live streaming is a great tool you can use to improve your online yoga course. Through live-streaming, you can host live yoga class events or workshops in which you interact with your students to resolve problems. Live classes are the ideal way to work with your students one-on-one and help them correct their postures and form. To add a live virtual meeting, classroom in your LifterLMS course you can use live virtual meeting third-party tools like ZoomGo to Meeting and Go to Webinar.You can also use Google HangoutsYouTube Live, or Facebook Live .also

You can A great way to make use of these tools is by embeding the Google Hangouts and YouTube Lives on your LifterLMS website. It’s mean This way the user/viewer can watch your the live section events or classes right on your site, with no other sign in/sign up required. You can easily embed the live video by following the same steps explained above.

Please For a more comprehensive guide, check out this LifterLMS article for “How do I add a live virtual meeting, classroom, or webinar to my LifterLMS course or membership?” also.

Create Memberships Levels to Manage Users:

Different membership levels can be used to customize content access and better adapt to your members’ needs and wants.  You can set multiple memberships in LifterLMS to manage your users/students. To create membership please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the WP Dashboard > Memberships > Add Membership.
  • Enter the title and description.
  • From the Membership Setting section, select Sale Page, edit restriction setting as per need and add courses for this membership. Once the user purchases this membership, he/she will be enrolled in the selected course automatically.
  • Add the access plan for this membership.
  • Add a featured image from the Featured image meta-box.
  • Publish the post.

You can also take help from this guide “How to Build an Online Course Website with LifterLMS from Scratch” to create a training site using the LifterLMS.

In Conclusion

Creating a successful online yoga course is possible with a smart game plan and access to the right tools. LifterLMS is a great asset that will allow you to display all your best educational content to yoga students all over the world. If you need more help to create your own online course on LifterLMS feel free to contact our ninjas.