How We Build E-learning and Membership Sites With BuddyBoss

BuddyBoss is a popular WordPress theme for online communities with an extensive set of social features including private groups and private messaging. Thanks to its seamless LearnDash integration, BuddyBoss has also been a huge success in the e-learning industry. 

But don’t just take our word for it, our clients  have achieved amazing results when using this platform on their e-learning and membership sites. In this post, our LMS consultants will share some of the standout BuddyBoss customization projects we’ve worked on. You can take a look at more of our work by checking out our case studies.

Why Choose BuddyBoss Customization?

Given its popularity, it’s no surprise there are countless websites built using the BuddyBoss theme. Despite its robust functionality, when used as an out-of-the-box solution all BuddyBoss websites tend to maintain a very similar design. For businesses looking to create a distinctive professional image, or align with their established branding, this can be discouraging.

Luckily,  you don’t have to opt for the standard layout. BuddyBoss developers are there to help you custom design your site, giving it a unique look and brand identity, while still taking full advantage of the platform’s features. We’ve worked with multiple clients on implementing custom designs to the BuddyBoss theme, granting them the freedom to manage their brands with professional, attractive looking sites. You can check them out below.

How Businesses Across Different Industries Have Taken Advantage of the BuddyBoss Platform

Flash Technologies

BuddyBoss seamlessly adapts to a wide range of online courses, of all sizes, across a variety of different industries. Flash Technologies’s e-learning site, offering real-life and online training on aviation and marine technologies, is another example of the power of BuddyBoss for online education.

Their courses are available through two options; , a fully-online course with pre-recorded lessons and in-person training offered in the classroom.This resulted in unique configuration requirements for their LearnDash BuddyBoss site. While some training was offered live, student data, payments, progress and certificates still needed to be managed online. To accommodate this, their site was customized to allow bulk user uploads and progress data imports to LearnDash LMS.

buddy boss case study

To successfully run their online courses, Flash Technologies also required custom user roles, including admins with master feature access, group leaders and technicians. Students from different locations also needed to be categorized and given access to different types of content on the site.

Other features on this BuddyBoss customization project included support for webinars with Zoom integration and the addition of H5P hotspot modules for added interactivity to their online course content. Further customization was done on LearnDash Certificates so certificates of training provided by Flash Technologies expired after a certain time.e. We implemented unique certificate IDs to keep track of awarded certificates and add an expiration feature.


BuddyBoss was originally created for online communities, making it a great fit for our client CareerXRoads, an online community connecting talent professionals for collaboration and problem solving.

Our developers worked with CXR to further engage their BuddyBoss community with a customized gamification system. With this unique system, members earn points when they complete different activities in the community, keeping them engaged and motivated to interact. Members are also classified on a rank hierarchy based on the points they earn. Members can unlock new ranks, moving them up the hierarchy charts, all while fostering continued participation in the community. Members can also keep tabs on their performance in relation to others from a Leaderboard, helping create a sense of healthy competition.

buddyboss customization

If you’d like to find out more about this project, don’t forget to check out the case study about this BuddyBoss site.

Powers Resource Center 

Powers Resource Center provides training for executives, managers, leaders and teams of professionals worldwide. As part of their e-learning model, PRC delivers online training programs, certifications, live seminars, workshops and live events. 

buddyboss customization

With large groups of students, and teams of developing professionals, BuddyBoss’s features are a perfect fit for PRC’s e-learning community. E-learning features were supplied through LearnDash LMS, with some custom development implemented. To deliver a truly professional educational experience, the BuddyBoss design was customized by our LMS experts, resulting in an attractive and professional website to match an intuitive, smooth user experience.

Self-evaluation and progress assessment was also a priority for PRC. For this reason, our team worked on Gravity Forms and LearnDash LMS customization to implement pre and post assessment surveys. Assessment surveys are completed by students, rating their skills and performance at the beginning of their journey and after completing the course. Managers also complete the survey, providing initial and conclusion evaluations on students’ progress from their perspective.

Find out more about Powers Resource Center in this BuddyBoss customization case study.

BuddyBoss Customization

BuddyBoss is an incredibly flexible platform with a range of community building features and a simple, but customizable professional design that makes it ideal for many e-learning sites. Not only is BuddyBoss a powerful WordPress tool, but it is also built with LMS and membership sites in mind, making integration  with platforms such as LearnDash a perfect fit. 

Are you wondering if BuddyBoss is the right choice for your business or are you looking for expert help to set up your site with this platform? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our LMS and membership consultants. We’ll point you in the right direction and handle everything from full-site builds to BuddyBoss customization and configuration projects.