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LifterLMS Configuration & Plugin Development

Why Choose LMSninjas For LifterLMS Configuration 

Do you wish to increase course engagement, sales and learner results? Are you interested in creating a simple yet powerful online course software? LMSninjas are now proudly offering you LifterLMS customization service that will have everything to produce, sell and protect engaging online courses.

LifterLMS plugin offers promising services to teachers entrepreneurs and niche experts. Therefore, making them a strong competitor to the LearnDash plugin. The LMSninjas support offers you limitless possibilities of customization to go alongside the powerful plugin.

Our focus will be to help you create a unique platform that can help you with selling, marketing, course delivery, student engagement, business management and much more.

LMSninjas is ready to understand your needs and help you solve your LifterLMS customization service related business problems by offering you solutions that are only suited to you! We invite you to ask us for help and get a quote for your project.


Courses Setup

LifterLMS Learning Management System course creation and management offers flexibility to create courses via builtin course builder.
A course can contain, sections and lessons and can have as many as needed of them. Multiple description of a course can be added one for enrolled and other for non-enrolled users which acts as a sales page.
LifterLMS offers powerful features to setup the courses as per the requirements to achieve maximum results. Being one of the certified consultants of LifterLMS feel free to contact us if you need your courses setup to take full advantage of the LMS.


Though LifterLMS offers features like badges, emails and certificates in the plugin itself, it also offers an integration with one of the popular gamification plugin GamiPress.
If you also plan to offer unique gaming experiences for each group including activating multiple leaderboards, automatic points awards, achievment steps, rank requirements etc then we can help you achieve your desired outcomes.


Quizzes are an essential component of any online course.
LifterLMS offers 3 questions types with basic plugin, these question types can be upgraded to offering upto 9+ question types by installing Advanced Quiz add-on along with following features.

  • Quizzes can resumed and no. of  attempts can be set
  • Add media files to questions
  • Different question types
  • Custom quiz certificates can be created
    If setting up quizzes with all these options sounds overwhelming then we can do this all for you and feel free to contact us.


When a course is finished, a certification can be provided for passed students as a proof for completing a course. Creating and awarding certificates is available out of the box in the LMS. But further add-ons can be installed to create and offer advanced certificates. 
We can help design and configure these certificates for you. 


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