LifterLMS Customization Services

LifterLMS Customization & Plugin Development

Why Choose LMSninjas For LifterLMS Customization 

Do you wish to increase course engagement, sales and learner results? Are you interested in creating a simple yet powerful online course software? LMSninjas are now proudly offering you LifterLMS customization service that will have everything to produce, sell and protect engaging online courses.

LifterLMS plugin offers promising services to teachers entrepreneurs and niche experts. Therefore, making them a strong competitor to the LearnDash plugin. The LMSninjas support offers you limitless possibilities of customization to go alongside the powerful plugin.

Our focus will be to help you create a unique platform that can help you with selling, marketing, course delivery, student engagement, business management and much more.

LMSninjas is ready to understand your needs and help you solve your LifterLMS customization service related business problems by offering you solutions that are only suited to you! We invite you to ask us for help and get a quote for your project.


UI & User Experience

LifterLMS runs on WordPress CMS and the themes used on the CMS can be used for the LMS too. But if you would like to modify the look & feel of the LMS as per the LMS needs feel free to contact us if you have a custom design in your mind and we would love to customize the LMS as per the desired aesthetics.

Custom Development

If you need to customize your learning management system, modify the default flow, integrate it with another system, extend the courses/users or user reports features, convert external courses to use them on your LMS platform our eLearning developers would love to assist you on this.


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