Moodle Customization Services

Why Choose LMSninjas For Moodle Customization

Moodle standouts amongst its peers by being the most well known open source LMS options available today. Moodle gives you features like dashboards, learner tracking, and multimedia support giving it its popular stature.  

With Moodle, you can create mobile-friendly online courses, which you can integrate with third-party add-ons. Moodle has combined with PayPal and made the checkout process easy and straightforward. Moodle might be confusing for new users,  but mastering the tool is well worth it if you want total design freedom.

EDD Recurring Payment Setup

EDD Recurring payments is a customer favourite. It is the best way to forecast future revenue and create a subscription-based model for your store. However, if you find the default features inadequate, our team will gladly step in and help you set up your membership and subscription campaigns.


EDD Review Add-on

EDD Review Add-on is one of the powerful ways to kick-start your sales. Receiving feedback from your existing customers is the step you need to take to start winning trust and showcase your success.

Custom shipping options for your EDD Store

There are plenty of add-ons that go far beyond the default features and can exponentially expand the options of your digital store. With the right setup and extensions, checkout at your website will become more comfortable and make your customers happier.

Turnkey EDD Store

From a short brief to a full EDD store, we’ll guide you through the process of Easy Digital Downloads Customization to build a site that meets your business needs in an elegant and timely manner.

EDD Store Customization

LMSninjas will identify the most efficient method to get your products online quickly. Our support will set up your exports, migrate your content and configure your EDD site.

3rd Party Integration

The LMSninjas team will help you integrate the third party apps that are giving you trouble. Let us help you save your time so you can invest it in your business!


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