Planning and Scoping

The planning and scoping phase is the number one determinant of success, no matter the size of the project. During this stage we focus on defining a clear set of goals for your project and figuring out the best course of action to accomplish them. We believe that this is the real reason for our 95% project success rate.

Our LMS experts don’t leave results up to chance. Detailed planning and scoping guarantees we kickstart your project with a foolproof plan.

Getting Started

We try to leave no stone unturned, it might be painful in the beginning, but the results will be rewarding

You’ll personally engage with an experienced project manager to define a clear set of goals and solidify your vision. Together we will determine the best theme, hosting service, tools and plugin stack to bring your website to life.

Above all, this phase gives our team the guidelines and parameters to work within in regards to cost, time and action to achieve the desired outcome.

Our Planning
and Scoping Process


The client and project manager together must fully realise the objective of the project by answering a series of questions and setting clear goals. Our LMS experts follow a tried and true system for collecting information on your e-learning and membership site requirements.

With more than 300+ projects we’ve got this down to a science. Our Project Manager will ask questions you wouldn’t even think of, guaranteeing no detail goes amiss. At the same time, we avoid unexpected situations such as having the project grow outside the budgeted and agreed on scope.


Controlling is all about keeping tabs on the workflow for your project and directing it towards success. In this stage communication is key. Your project manager will directly work with you to keep the project moving forward and ensure all parties are on the same page.

Your project will be closely managed so that all deadlines are met, resources are well spent and goals are accomplished.


Finally, the deliverable project will be audited in comparison to the original scope plan. Thanks to the firm ground laid in the previous stages, we can best adhere to the plan and monitor whether we are correctly adhering to guidelines and delivering the expected results.

A successful project doesn’t only achieve your goals but also stays within the budget and deadline that were previously agreed upon.

Let’s make your vision a reality!

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Why is Planning
and Scoping are Important?


A good plan helps you avoid wasting time and resources in unexpected changes mid-way through your project.


It prevents miscommunication of goals and expectations, which later affect the outcome of your project.


Planning and scoping helps us prevent exceeding budget expectations and deadlines.

Our Planning and Scoping

Dedicated project manager

Fast communication (We’ll connect you to Slack)

Clearly defined goals and expectations

Expert theme, service and plugin stack selection

Carefully applied custom development

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