This is how we helped Powers Resource Center build an e-learning platform for their corporate leadership programs

Project Overview


Design and develop an e-learning platform for online corporate training with advanced reporting for managers.


6 months (ongoing)


The project team consisted of our usual formula, a dedicated project manager, a UI/UX designer and a developer.


A fully-implemented e-learning platform with a custom built reporting system.


Over the past 20 years the PRC team has coached and trained thousands of executives and managers, internal trainers, emerging leaders, and teams. As the company was scaling, they decided it was time to step up to the next level and build a portal that would improve the learning experience for remote teams. Company founder, Tara, was on the lookout for a development partner. One who could work closely with her to understand the company structure and essentially help to answer the questions she had as a non-tech founder.




Discovery Phase

Tara worked with our Project Manager Iryna to set clear goals for the learning process. Together they came up with a system to separate different clients within one single platform, and utilising a BuddyBoss theme and LearnDash Groups, were able to funnel access privileges to the select courses each client was enrolled in.
The next phase was to create a system to assess how students had improved with their various soft skills after taking the course and ultimately, how Tara could present the results to her clients using a visually stimulating and understandable interface.

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Ranks / Levels

Our designer worked simultaneously to create visual content that could explain the value of the course to potential clients:

Pre- and Post-course Surveys

We customized Gravity Forms to create a custom plugin that allows course participants to assess their skills before entering into and on completion of a course. The plugin forms an evaluation of a participant’s skill “level” on a scale from Emerging – Progressing – Partial Mastery – Mastery.


Associating skills with definable “levels” to be worked towards allows each individual to see the progress they’ve made after taking the course:

Participants can submit and view a self-rating before and after taking the course which is displayed next to before and after columns of how
their managers rated them in the same skill categories.

Advanced Reporting for Managers

Managers can see the progress of not only specific employees, but also overall team improvement. Reports offer data organized by


specific skills or courses and both self-ratings and team manager ratings are presented side by side making it simple to compare.


Tara, Iryna and the team worked collaboratively to successfully create a fully functional course website with custom UX design, community features, pre- and post- course surveys, and advanced reporting for managers.


A website that fully encapsulates the value of the corporate training programs that PRC offer and ensures that their clients’ investment has its ROI.


Shannon Pritchett

We were looking for a partner that was familiar with WordPress, that understood our community, what our company does and the technology involved in our platform and LMSNinjas was definitely the right choice. I love how excited they were about our project, and how much their suggestions helped us improve our gamification campaign.

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