In this article, we show you how you can restrict your LMS content using only LifterLMS Membership. We walk you through different options and features available for your LifterLMS-powered website.

Courses and Memberships

Courses are the main element of LifterLMS, and LifterLMS Memberships allows course creators and administrators to organize their online content and courses into groups.

Courses are comprised of quizzes and lessons. These courses and lessons are sorted within that course in Sections. However, memberships may be comprised of pages, lessons, and courses. Membership is not required to sell a course – both courses and memberships can be sold exclusively.

Membership Catalog Page

In LifterLMS a list of all the published membership are made available on the Membership Catalog Page. Your Membership Catalog Page can be any of the WordPress pages.

That noted, be careful while selecting your membership page and make sure that the particular page is not configured for the other three primary LifterLMS pages. The content added in that page would not be displayed on your Membership Catalog page, as LifterLMS will have taken over this page. 

You may customize the number of courses in the course catalog, and the number of courses listed on each page, and you may update those settings for the Membership Catalog.

To customize the Membership Catalog Page setting Go to LifterLMS > Settings then scroll to Membership Catalog Settings.

Membership Restrictions

Associate Membership to a Course

In LifterLMS you can associate membership to a course. When a user purchases that specific membership, they will be automatically enrolled in the associated course. To associate membership to a course, follow these steps:

  • Go to Memberships
  • Select the Membership you want to associate with the course
  • Scroll to Membership Settings
  • Select Auto Enrollment
  • Select the course under Add Course Option to associate the Membership with the selected course

Now users will be automatically enrolled to that specific course when they purchase this membership.

Restrict Course to Members Only

In certain conditions, it is useful to restrict your course content to a membership level. In LifterLMS you can easily make your courses specific for a particular group of students. To offer courses to a specific group of student:

  • Go to Access Plans under Course Options
  • Under Plan Availability option Select Members Only
  • Under Membership Select a Membership you want to associate with that course

This ensures the course is only available to those users who have purchased a given membership.

Recurring Monthly Membership with Course

With LifterLMS you can create recurring monthly memberships with courses by following these simple and easy steps. Once you have created your courses and memberships, to set recurring memberships you must create an access plan.

To create an access plan:

  • Go to Memberships
  • Scroll to Memberships Settings
  • Under Access Plans click on Add New
  • In Access Plan under Frequency, Select the frequency for course
  • Under Plan Period, Select how long you want that course to be available, year, month, week or a day.

Under Plan Length, Select Plan Length of the course from all time to 1-6 years.

You can create a monthly pricing access plan for your memberships, allowing you to create both recurring and one-time payment plans with expirations. Pricing by membership can also be created, and you may design up to six access plans for each membership and course.

By adding a members-only access plan to each course included in a given membership, you will allow a user to browse and discover specific courses included in membership they can purchase.

Restrict Pages and Blog Posts

LifterLMS allows you to restrict page and posts to users with certain memberships. You can easily do this while creating a post or page, via the meta box settings available on the right side.

Create Member-Only Forums

You can also create members-only forums on your LifterLMS-powered website. To access this feature you must install and activate bbPress. Once you’ve done so, go to LifterLMS > Settings > Integrations. Select bbPress, then check the Enable/Disable checkbox. Like courses and posts, you can restrict specific forums to one or more membership level.

Once you have enabled bbPress:

  • Go to Forums
  • Navigate to Membership Access box on the right side
  • Check Restrict This Forum
  • Under Membership select a Membership. Users must belong to that membership to access that forum

Locking the Website to Specific Membership Level

LifterLMS allows you to lock your site to a specific membership level. For these settings navigate to LifterLMS > Settings > Memberships.

Pages That ByPass Sitewide Restrictions

After locking down your website to a membership level, the following pages will be displayed to non-enrolled members or public visitors. You can also add custom pages of your choice to this list by using this filter  lifterlms_sitewide_restriction_bypass_ids”:

  • The unenrolled view of the membership page (a sales page)
  • The terms and conditions page if you are using one
  • The checkout screen
  • The membership catalog
  • The course catalog

You can also redirect a non-member to another page whenever a non-member tries to access member-only content. To customize these settings, navigate to Restrictions under Membership Settings.

This has been our take on how to restrict LMS content by using only LifterLMS Membership. We hope you have found this article useful. Best of luck with your LMS and memberships.