Terms and Conditions

  • All payments for the agreed milestones must be paid upfront. For any additional work that is not part of this scope, the invoices will be sent on 9th and/or 25th of the month.
  • All new requests will be billed additionally and separately. LMSninjas will request approval from the client for any new/additional work.
  • In case of any new/additional work, both parties will mutually negotiate in good faith to decide the classification of the new tasks not explicitly mentioned in this scope document. However, in case of a conflict, LMSninjas will reserve the right to classify any feature/functionality request not explicitly mentioned in this document as a ‘new request’.
  • The hours quoted above are Estimated hours. The final invoice will be sent based on the Actual hours spent. A full report of the hours spent on the project can be requested by the client.
  • Client must submit feedback on the project within 15 days after delivery. Any issues identified beyond 15 day warranty period will be regarded as ‘new request’.
  • If the client doesn’t respond 15 days after the work has been completed from our end, there will be a $25/day late fees added to the bill. The final code/work will only be delivered on clearing all outstanding dues.
  • We follow all industry best practices and coding standards for WordPress. If a future plugin update breaks any of the customized code, we will be happy to look into the issue and fix it if possible. However, we do not provide any guarantees.
  • All custom code will be under General Public License.