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What is the Best Corporate Training LMS?

It’s a proven fact that it’s in a corporation or organization’s best interest to train their employees. Professional training and development programs increase employee satisfaction and have been shown to influence employees when deciding whether to  continue working for a company. At the same time, corporate training programs allow organizations to build an educated and capable workforce, leading to better results in products, service delivery, sales and customer service.

With the rise of online education, it is no surprise that more and more companies are choosing to deliver employee training online. Learning Management Systems provide a comprehensive solution for this purpose, enabling organizations to build their own corporate training platforms.  Selecting an LMS that includes features to deliver content, monitor progress and measure employee results is essential to deliver efficient professional development programs online.

In this post, our LMS experts explore the benefits of online corporate training solutions, the basic LMS features to look for in a corporate training site and recommended LMS to consider when building your employee training platform.

The Benefits of Delivering Employee Training Online?

  1. Reduce Costs

Online courses reduce costs associated with in-person training such as those associated with travel, paying instructors or senior employees for time spent delivering training and the cost of materials and supplies. At the same time, courses and materials added to an elearning platform can be easily updated and reused, reducing your employee training program costs for the ongoing future.

  1. Deliver Convenience

LMS solutions provide tools that benefit both your employees and your management team. Your employees can complete training anywhere, anytime, and access learning resources on demand. An LMS also makes it easy for instructors to monitor student activity, keep track of their progress and measure results with assignments and evaluations that are easy to access.

  1. Increase Efficiency

Training and onboarding new employees to fit into a company’s or corporation’s ecosystem can be a laborious process. Senior employees often have to take time out of their productive schedules to get new hires up to speed and monitor their advances.  With online training, you can automate most of employee training, allowing them to learn independently without placing an additional workload on your other employees.

Corporate Training LMS Features

Content Creation Tools

An LMS  allows you to create structured courses, including live or pre-recorded lessons, online evaluations, and course materials. In corporate training sites, this content can include video lessons covering relevant industry knowledge or skills, company assets and documents, team notes and more.

Corporate training platforms benefit the most from an LMS that allows you to include various types of learning materials, including video, pictures, slides, text, audio, and more. Integrating your LMS with external authoring tools such as H5P or Articulate, live conferencing services such as Zoom, and more allows you to further diversify your employees’ learning experience.

Diverse User Roles and Groups

Corporations, companies and businesses have very specific hierarchies that need to be translated into your employee training portal. Your LMS should support different user roles, allowing you to provide HR, management and regular employees different capabilities and controls on the site. User groups are also essential to categorizing your employees by department, seniority and more.

Progress Tracking and Reporting

To determine whether a corporate training program is effective, you’ll need to  accurately measure your employees’ progress, skills and knowledge. Incorporating tests, quizzes and assignments to your elearning site, allows you to best gauge your employees’ understanding and results, both on an individual and team level.

A capable LMS usually features real-time actionable insights that help your employees’ training progress. Your LMS should allow you to generate reports including data about users, activity, course progress, grades and more. These help to give a better view of the impact of a training program and your employees’ engagement.


Employee training is measured when one can verify that an employee is able perform a job or skill or has acquired necessary knowledge. For example, it is important for new employees to prove that they have completed their onboarding training or that all employees have become familiarized with a new product. If your employees need to complete specific training in security or health protocols, verification of course completion is also important. In all of these cases, course completion certificates are essential. Ideally, your LMS should be able to support certificates that can be awarded to employees when they complete training programs or reach other milestones. 

Recommended Corporate Training LMS


LearnDash is one of the most popular open-source learning management systems. It is also very corporate training friendly as it provides businesses with all the tools you need to create structured online courses and their content. LearnDash LMS also enables you to award course and quiz completion certificates, create user groups and generate comprehensive reports.

One of the advantages for this LMS is that it is very easy to modify and adapt to your company’s needs. Not only is LearnDash developer-friendly, opening up the door for extensive customization, but there are also a wide range of third-party add-ons available for the platform, giving you access to many additional features. The platform also has many integrations available, including integrations with gamification plugins, live streaming and webinar services and third-party content authoring tools like H5P.

If you need help tailoring LearnDash for your employee training portal, check out our LearnDash customization services.


The free version of LifterLMS has drag-and-drop features on an intuitive interface for course creation allowing you to create structured courses with multimedia content including video, audio, images and text. Many of its features aim to keep employees engaged during the learning process, for example allowing you to “drip content” or deliver content according to a schedule and setting prerequisites for lessons and courses.

LifterLMS enables you to further structure your employees training by setting up learning tracks, where programs or certifications are set up based on the completion of a group of courses. For example, you can create a course track for onboarding, including several courses on essential skills and knowledge for new employees. Plus, LifterLMS supports multiple user roles such as LMS managers, instructors, instructor’s assistants, and students and includes reporting capabilities. Being extremely user friendly, you can quickly set up your employee training site with LifterLMS. But, if you need help getting your site configured and customized, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of LifterLMS experts.


Moodle is another highly customizable open-source LMS. There’s a global community of developers, making it easier to localize and configure Moodle to your organization’s preferences.

One of Moodle’s key strengths is that it consolidates administrators, customers, and users with one robust and secure integrated platform to develop and customize learning platforms. Some benefits of using Moodle include detailed reporting, and notification systems, multi-language support, multimedia integration, and progress tracking functions. Other amazing features are Moodle’s personalized dashboard, peer assessment, and safe authentication.

If you don’t want to take on the task of mastering Moodle on your own, our LMS experts are well experienced with the Moodle platform and can help you build your corporate training site in no time.

Corporate Training LMS

Finding the right corporate training LMS is not a simple task. Finding the right platform for your company, with your own set of needs, requires time and effort. Many companies are not fully satisfied with an off-the-shelf LMS and prefer to customize the platform of their choice to perfectly suit their requirements. 

If you are looking to move your employee training programs online to experience the benefits of e-learning, our team of LMS consultants can help you get started. We can help you with anything from building your employee training platform from scratch to customizing your LMS to meet your standards. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at this corporate training site case study to see our LMS experts in action.