NetCBT partnered with LMSninjas to build a Million-Dollar LearnDash website

About NetCBT Inc.

NetCBT is an e-learning company that provides certified continuing education (CE) credentials for project managers and accountants. Since the launch of their websites, and, NetCBT has worked with tens of thousands of customers across the United States and boasts an impressive 99% returning customer rate.

For PMPs and CPAs, re-upping their certification typically entailed long hours spent assembling credits from several certifying organizations and poring over courses. NetCBT Founder Chris Clarke believed there was a better way and saw an opportunity to bring continuing education credits to the e-learning space.

Chris sought out the LMSninjas and entrusted them with the development of two sites. Being rather computer-savvy himself, Chris was in close contact with the dev team every step of the way for over 30 months, and the working relationship they established has resulted in a flourishing business.

After a successful development cycle and launch, has surpassed over $1 million in sales, and the LMSninjas remain on hand to perform regular site maintenance, updates, and customization services.

Let’s see how it all came about.

A single step

Chris reached out to us in May 2019 with the desire to build a training site for professionals in need of continuing education credits. In response, the LMSninjas quickly set up a demo site built on LearnDash in order to show Chris what the plugin was capable of.

These were the humble origins of – a single Home Page and out-of-the-box LearnDash features. As time would go on, WooCommerce, Astra (with some modifications), and Paid Membership Pro would form the core of the site’s plugin stack.

However, Chris’ aspirations for his site soon expanded beyond the confines of default LearnDash, and he asked the LMSninjas to create some custom pages to further improve his users’ experience.

At every stage, Chris communicated his requirements with impressive timeliness and clarity, often interacting directly with our developers. This allowed our team to address his requests at lightning speed, and Chris’ site grew just as quickly.

Touching up

With the foundation for in place, Chris now wanted to turn what had previously been default LearnDash into a sleek, unique, user-friendly experience. The LMSninjas offered in-house solutions to address his requirements and got to work creating the following:

Doubling down

Chris was satisfied with what LearnDash could do for his business and his partnership with the LMSninjas had produced a website that users were beginning to flock to.

Here’s a bit of what he had to say about his website’s custom work:

Wow!!! Fantastic!!! Everything looks great.”
“Nice job on this project…Thanks for completing this ahead of schedule.”
“I am once again blown away and amazed! Really nice work. The site is pretty awesome.”

With up and running, Chris made the decision to migrate another one of his sites ( to WordPress and adapt it to LearnDash.

The core plugin stack and site architecture would be similar, but there were several customizations and design elements that would be unique to the WordPress version of

Chris’ requirements were laid out and the LMSninjas’ game plan was simple – “Once more, with feeling!”

And so it was!

Client feedback

The LMSninjas have always prioritized clear, transparent communication with clients, and Chris was right there with us throughout the many stages of his website’s development.

He was kind enough to provide us with some detailed feedback about his project.

Why did you ultimately choose to work with LMSninjas?

"I selected LMSninjas because of their experience with the plugins that I wanted to use for my training website. I knew that the basic plugins would deliver the functionality that I needed, but I needed some customization so they would work seamlessly for my site and my site users."

Is there any aspect of the work that has exceeded your expectations?

"LMSninjas has just finished a reporting function that I requested. However, this project far exceeded my expectations because of the comprehensiveness of the final product. [...] LMSninjas created a custom plugin that [...] allows the site to collect the required data. In addition, the plugin allowed me to download a report and it also will send the user an email when I have reported their course completion."

Is there any aspect of our work that you feel could have been done better?

"Of course, there is always work that can be done better. I like working with LMSninjas because I can identify changes that I would like to see and they always follow through with the changes. Useful features require many revisions before the final version emerges."

Moving forward

Chris’ vision for his sites continues to evolve and the LMSninjas are thrilled to be working alongside him to provide maintenance and customization services to this day.

NetCBT’s sites continue to gain momentum and attract new clients. The user base for and has expanded to over 6,000+ clients a month and over 13,000+ clients in total.

The success that Chris has found with and is a testament to his work ethic and skills as a business owner.

When it came to his websites, the key to making sure his valuable assets worked as they should was simple – Chris had to entrust his site to a team with the know-how, experience, and drive to follow through and get the job done right.

He chose the LMSninjas for this task, as have hundreds of other satisfied clients.

The journey of a seven-figure site starts with a single step.

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