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Is your Moodle experience lacking the individual attention you need to make your courses shine? Are you looking to scale your product or make some changes without having to overhaul your entire site? Would you like to receive access to themes, plugins, features, and a community that power over 30% of the internet?

You’ve come at the perfect time.

Why Migrate to LearnDash?

Here at LMSNinjas, we are firm believers in a simple creed – deliver the best LMS experience possible by offering precise solutions that exceed client expectations.

By delivering a product that addresses your each and every need to the letter, we can guarantee that you’ll never pay a cent more than necessary without compromising on quality.

We’re not here to blindly bash our competitors; we just believe that we have a lot to offer.

What Content Transfers from Moodle to LearnDash?

What’s the Migration Process from Moodle to LearnDash?


Reach Out

Get in touch with us to iron out expectations, the scope of work, and your timeline.


Link Up

Establish a connection between the two platforms.


Set the Date

…for your migration to take place, whatever works best for your schedule.



This one kind of speaks for itself, really. Moving from Point A to Point B.

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