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How to add gamification to your Moodle Courses

Gamification in e-learning? It’s like turning your course into a game. Think badges, challenges, and rewards, all wrapped up in your Moodle course. Why does it matter? Because it makes learning way more fun and engaging. Instead of just staring at a screen, you’re jumping into quests, solving puzzles, and scoring points. It’s like bringing the excitement of gaming into your study session.

But it’s not just about the fun. Gamification also makes learning stick. By getting hands-on with challenges and simulations, you’re not just reading about stuff – you’re actually doing it. And when you’re actively involved, you remember things better.

So how can you cash in on all these benefits? If you have a Moodle website and want to take your courses to the next level by implementing gamification, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore how you can leverage gamification features such as badges, points, and leaderboards on your online courses.

Moodle’s Features for Gamification

Within the Moodle platform, course creators have both built-in features and plugins at their disposal for building gamified online courses. Let’s take a look at some of the options available.


Moodle lets you award digital badges for achievements, like completing a course module or participating in a group discussion. It’s like earning merit badges in Scouts. These badges are more than just shiny icons – they’re an achievement students can proudly display on their student profiles.

In Moodle, you can create badges that are awarded site-wide, like for completing a set of courses, or that are course-specific and earned for activity within a given course.

Activity Completion

You can create quests or challenges for your students using Moodle’s activity completion feature. For each activity item, students can view a list of what they must do to complete it. This feature lets you set goals and milestones for your students to hit, whether it’s finishing a quiz or posting in a forum

Now, if you really want to take your Moodle gamification to the next level, you’ve gotta check out the plugins available for Moddle, bringing additional Gamification features to the table. 

Level Up XP

The Level UP XP plugin brings a complete gamification system into your Moodle courses. Students can automatically earn points for completing certain activities, track their progress visually in a block that displays their current level and progress toward the next level, and engage in friendly competition via leaderboards.

It also enables you to send notifications to congratulate learners as they level up and get admin reports containing all info on your learners’ progress.


Then there’s the Game plugin, which lets you create interactive quizzes and activities that feel more like games than boring old tests. Students can race against the clock, compete with classmates, and earn rewards for correct answers.

Through this module, games get input from quizzes, glossaries, or questions to create games of hangman, crossword, sudoku, snakes and ladders, hidden picture, and more.

What are the benefits of gamifying your Moodle course?

Increased Engagement

According to a study by TalentLMS, incorporating gamification into online courses can lead to a whopping 60% increase in student engagement. That’s right – by adding elements like badges, points, and leaderboards, we’re keeping students hooked and hungry for more.

Improved Learning Outcomes

Research from the University of Colorado Denver found that students who participated in gamified courses scored 14% higher on average than those in non-gamified courses. That’s a pretty impressive boost in academic achievement.

Enhanced Motivation

Let’s face it – staying motivated in an online course can be tough. But gamification changes the game by tapping into our innate desire for achievement and recognition. According to a study by eLearning Industry, 83% of learners say that gamified courses make them feel more motivated to complete tasks. 

Better Knowledge Retention

Gamification isn’t just about passing quizzes and earning badges – it’s also about deepening our understanding of course material. Research from the Journal of Computer-Assisted Learning found that students who participated in gamified courses retained more information than those in non-gamified courses.

Best Practices and Tips for Successful Gamification

It’s easy to get carried away with all the bells and whistles of gamification, but we gotta remember why you’re here in the first place – to help your students learn and succeed. The most important thing is to keep gamification elements laser-focused on your course objectives. Every badge, point, and reward should serve a purpose and move students closer to their learning goals.

Here are some other things you should keep in mind if you want your Gamification system to deliver the best results:

Maintaining a balance between challenge and fun

Gamification is all about fun, but we have to make sure it’s not too easy or too hard. The goal is to challenge students just enough to keep them engaged and motivated, but not so much that they get frustrated and give up. It’s like finding that sweet spot in a video game difficulty level – challenging enough to keep you on your toes, but not so hard you wanna throw your controller at the TV.

Providing timely feedback and recognition

There’s nothing that motivates students like a pat on the back and a high-five for a job well done. So, let’s dish out feedback and recognition like it’s going out of style. Whether it’s a quick shout-out in the discussion forum, a virtual high-five for earning a badge, or personalized feedback on an assignment, let’s make sure our students know you see their hard work and appreciate it.

Updating and refreshing gamified activities

Gamification isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it kinda deal – it’s an ongoing process that requires constant nurturing and attention. Maybe it’s adding new challenges, tweaking point values, or introducing new badges – whatever it takes to keep our students engaged and excited to learn.

Moodle Gamification

Gamification ain’t just a fancy buzzword – it’s a game-changer for Moodle courses. By adding elements like badges, points, and leaderboards, we’re not just making learning more fun – we’re boosting engagement, motivation, and learning outcomes. If you need more help setting up a gamification system on your online course, from configuring features to setting up or customizing your plugins, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Moodle experts.